Whitewater Analytics


Easily capture the data you need to control foreign currency risk

Use Whitewater Analytics tools to collect and consolidate currency exposure details from global subsidiaries…overcoming differences in ERP systems, time zones and languages.

Two modules streamline data collection

Choose one or both foreign currency exposure reporting modules.


Dashboard adds power

Your subsidiary users log in to a secure web browser and enter or upload balance sheet exposures and/or forecasted foreign currency sales and purchases.

Then you use the intuitive Whitewater Analytics dashboard to view consolidated, sorted and ranked exposures. Drill down as you desire via grouping, filtering, historical comparison, and subsidiary-specific details.

Build on solid data

Let Whitewater Analytics help you simplify the most labor-intensive portion of foreign currency exposure management—the data collection and analysis. You gain a best-practice solution that quantifies your currency risk and helps you decide if and when to hedge. Request an online demo now.