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A practical guide to managing balance sheet exposures

Effective management of foreign exchange exposure involves much more than simply deciding if or when to hedge and which instruments to use. It starts with a well-crafted approach to collecting, consolidating and analyzing FX exposure data. Even for those organizations disinclined to hedge, a strong understanding of exposure is critical. This first paper A Practical Guide to Managing Balance Sheet Exposure offers actionable tips to corporate treasury risk managers who are launching a new balance sheet hedging program, evaluating a legacy hedging program, or simply wishing to better understand FX exposures. Coming soon will be a whitepaper focused on managing forecasted foreign currency cash-flows.

Whitepaper PDF: Practical guide


Using spreadsheets? Make life easier!

Streamlining data collection with Whitewater Analytics can help a billion-dollar manufacturing company with 30 subsidiaries save staff time, reduce costly errors, and improve forecasting to get to market quicker.

Case study PDF: Replace spreadsheets

No formal hedging program? Manage the risk!

Starting up monthly balance sheet exposure reporting took this global manufacturer just four weeks…using Whitewater Analytics to quantify foreign currency risk and deliver the data for effective hedging.

Case study PDF: Start quantifying exposure